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Nomsa Nene interviewed by 702: What in the World Happened to….

Posted by Nomsa Nene on June 4, 2012

Nomsa Nene has disappeared from the limelight but she’s doing very well off-screen. She was presenter of Zama Zama game show, as well as singer, dancer, actress and puppeteer.

“I’ve been selling properties since Zama Zama dumped me. We were dumped. We were told that in 7 days we didn’t have a job – when the Lotto came. I had to branch out and think of what else to do to survive. That’s how I got into properties.” — Nomsa Nene, Iconic TV personality

Though she’s been selling in the northern suburbs, Nomsa says that township business is doing well – people are buying and renovating / modernising their township homes. She encourages more people, particularly black people, to buy properties instead of renting.

“I’ve been in property for 15 years and I’ve been enjoying it. If people are missing me, I’m always on show, every Sunday.” — Nomsa Nene, Iconic TV personality

Written by: Nonkululeko Britton | Download the article | Listen to whole interview above.

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